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If you can imagine it…We can build it!

Home, Office & Storage Solutions in Kelowna

Working from home is a true pleasure. At Kelowna Wallbeds, our goal is to help you get the most out of your home and utilize the space you have by creating a home office that fits your needs. Count on us when you need reliable home, office and storage solutions in the Kelowna. We aim at giving you a multi-functional space that suits your needs and budget. Call us now to get the product of your choice.

Home Office


More people are working from home than ever before. We can custom design a home office space that works just right for you. All of our units are designed to function perfectly and save you space. Whether you need a small work area or lots of storage for paperwork and files, we can provide exactly what you are after. Also, all of our home office pieces are designed to work with our custom wallbeds.

Our Home Office Gallery

Storage Solutions


If you are looking for ways to maximize your space, let us design custom storage cabinets for you. All of our products are custom built to fit your specific room, so you get exactly what works for you. These can be designed and built to go with one of our custom wallbeds or stand alone. So whether you need a place for clothes, toys or anything else that is cluttering your space, let us make it fit.

Our Storage Solutions Gallery


Do You Want to Work from Home?

We are here to help you with our home office and storage solutions.

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