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Keep Your Home Space Efficient with Custom Wallbeds in Kelowna and Beyond

Create the space you want in your home with Kelowna Wallbeds! We offer many different options to save space elegantly in ways that will fit your style and needs. One of the best ways to do this is with custom wallbeds! Kelowna’s homes range from houses to condos to apartments, and living comfortably looks different in the context of each of those homes. Our team is able to fit a wall bed into any space so that you can tuck away where you sleep during the day or so that your guest bed isn’t taking up a whole room!

Creating Custom Wallbeds That Kelowna Loves

At Kelowna Wallbeds, we pride ourselves on being able to fit a wall bed into any space. Whether you want to tuck a guest bed away or need more space in a smaller home, our team is here to help. Create a wall bed for your  home complete with shelves, cupboards, and more, increasing the storage capacity of your room. Single, double, queen, or king sizes are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. All of our wallbeds fit up to an 11” thick mattress, so you and your guests will always get a great night’s sleep.

We use only the best materials available to ensure the highest quality in every piece we build. Stop by our showroom to check out the latest styles and see why wallbeds are such a great space-saving idea for your home.


Our queen wallbeds start from $2,295

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Enjoy Your Home


Kelowna Wallbeds helps you enjoy your space with custom storage, wallbeds, and home offices.

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